Friday 29 July 2022

My kingdom for a truck!

I've spent most on the last week trying to get junk removal companies to call me back. We are now (finally) booked with a company that will clear out all the furniture & stuff, and another company that will come in the next day to clean the place top to bottom including inside cupboards and appliances. (I refuse to let the landlord company charge me $200 for cleaning out an oven.)

We have electric and internet set up for the new house. A mattress and bedding being shipped to the new house as well as a bed frame on order at a local store for us to pick up. We've been packing and sorting clothes into donation bags as well as throwing out some obvious garbage(why did I still have that broken mouse?). We also decided that trucking Albert across the country was not going to be doable and decided to pay our bird sitter to find a good home for him so he doesn't wind up with some rando from kijiji.

With that in order, attention is now solely focused on buying a truck.

We discovered renting a u-haul truck to move our stuff and tow our car on a dolly was not only overkill(smallest truck is probably 4X more space than we need) and hard to manoeuvre(especially with the car towed behind), but also that it would cost us $10k-$12k!... we decided to sell the car(because it couldn't tow) and buy a used pickup with a cap that we could fill with our stuff and I could use as a farm truck after the move. Depending on what we bring we may need a trailer but that's just $2k-$4k for a trailer we get to keep or sell after.

We did get a good price on the car thanks to CanadaDrives and the fact that used cars are in high demand right now... But buying a truck has been a horrible slog. Hugslut did a ton of research to narrow down what type of truck we wanted and which year ranges on those trucks were the most reliable and we went looking. 

There's so many sketchy places, and we turned down a lot of trucks that were overpriced rust buckets before we found an awesome truck at an awesome price. It's at a dealership so it'll be safety-ed and the engine was just replaced(due to a recall on the old engines) so it will be under warranty for a year.

Unfortunately after they put the new engine in there was an unspecified "noise" at 80km so they won't let us test-drive it because it may be unsafe and it's been a week of "maybe tomorrow"s.

Today we walked downtown to rent a car so we could drop Albert off and drive around tomorrow to look at other options for trucks.

Wish us luck?

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