Wednesday 20 July 2022

So Glad the Paperwork Mountain is Digital

This entire week has been filled with emails, texts and phone calls to so many people, plus pdfs to review, and digital paperwork to sign to the point I'm surprised how much packing and stuff sorting we've managed.

As administrator for this household I've taken on most of the co-ordination so Hugslut can focus on her dayjob. She's of course been packing and such in the evening with me but the phone calls and such usually need to happen during "business hours". We've met all our conditions by the deposit date so mostly we need to focus on things a little closer at hand.

We have almost a pickup truck load of boxes!

So far the plan is this:
  1. Continue the paperwork process(which seems never-ending and I'm glad they didn't tell me how many forms I'd have to do because OMG)
  2. Buy an old pickup truck. (This one is dragging out because there's so few that match what we want.)
  3. Sell the new car. (It's only a few months old so we are eating the depreciation, but it's otherwise very valuable so we should have $$$ left over between the car and truck.)
  4. Finish choosing what's coming with us even if some of it still needed and so not packed.
  5. Have a home clearing company come in and assess, and then remove all the rest of our stuff.(preferably for free or with $$ to us)
  6. Move to Nova Scotia
    • Pack all our belongings into the back of the pickup.(If not everything fits, mail bulky stuff like blankets and pillows)
    • HugSlut drives our stuff to our new house. (This may or may not include me and Albert.)
    • We are in search of a new home for Albert because moving him that far seems very stressful.
    • If we can't find a good home for him and decide trucking the bird across the country for 3-4 days is too much for him or too cramped for us, I will take the train with the bird. (Hugslut will have to retrieve us from Halifax which is 3 hrs from the house)
  7. On Aug 16th, look over our new house and decide once and for all if we're buying this thing... and sign paperwork to that effect.
  8. Get a couple groceries for morning and a takeout pizza from the local grocery to eat off our cardboard boxes as we sit on the floor and hope the mattress I ordered arrives before we need to sleep.
Everything's happening so fast so I have to keep reminding myself that there's still weeks before we leave otherwise I'd be panicking about the fact we don't have our truck yet. Back to sorting through our stuff... 

The paperwork might be digital, but the mountain of boxes certainly isn't. 

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