Wednesday 21 September 2022

My Home Office

So I knew when I ordered my desk that some assembly would be required, of course. I also knew that it would fit through my office door so after dinner Monday night we started unpacking the boxes in the living room where there was more floorspace for assembly.

Step 1: Unboxed and lil circle connectors added to appropriate pieces. - Complete at 8:03pm

Hugslut and I plugged away at this and by the end I didn't know if it was late or if I was just physically tired from hauling the pieces around and hand screwing them together.(I did NOT trust a power driver to not just make a mess of things.)

Step 31: Slide drawers into place. - Complete at 12:38am

There was no way we had the strength to wrangle thing thing into my office after building it for 4 and a half hours so, at this point we called it a night.

While dinner was cooking Tuesday we got to the work of moving the desk from the living room to my office... which was not as easy as I had planned. I forgot to account for the strange configuration of doorways which were each wider than my office door, but together they created a labyrinth for this piece of furniture.

Through standing it on end(on cardboard to reduce scratches and increase slide-ability), and some very careful manoeuvring, we managed to just barely squeak it out of the living room and into my office.

Now I have my workstation for all my homemaker needs... and a nice place to play games. ;-)

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