Saturday 24 September 2022

Practical Pantry Post Program Perhaps Particularly Promising

I wanted a nice tidy place to keep my canning notes so that I could have info on each batch. At one point in time I would have given each batch a code number(like 220912CAR01 would be the first batch of Carrots I canned on Sept12th 2022) and use that number to find the right row in an excel document... 

That was not very good because I didn't really have a nice way to access it or store photos. As I was playing with label templates and talking about not really knowing how I wanted to do this, Hugslut suggested starting a new blog and using QR codes on the labels to go to the post for each batch. 

That sounded like an amazing idea so I got to work on the Growing Hope Pantry Blog and designing labels. After a few iterations I settled on a design that had a large enough QR code, clear basic info, and an appealing look to them. A bit of a paper jam on the first page wasted half a page of labels and some bad math wasted another 1/2  page, but the jars now have labels pointing to blog posts full of info and I'm not clogging up the normal blog with them. (I'm sure next year will have MANY posts in the pantry blog.)

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